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Add-on functionality

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The SPLat embeded control system features a large and fast growing range of special-function hardware add-ons.

Add a Touch of SPice™

SL99 showing SPice board

Selected SPLat controllers are designed to accept one SPice board at a time.

The Touch of SPice concept provides for a range of small, generally simply but very useful add-on boards that can be used to provide special-purpose functionality to a SPLat controller. This gives you access to functions that might otherwise be difficult, expensive or all but impossible to source any other way. Our range of off the shelf SPice boards is growing all the time. Not only that, if you need a function we don't have we can make you a custom SPice board for a minor fraction of what a full custom controller could cost to develop. A custom SPice board can be cost-effective right down to a single batch of 15 units!

Xwire: possibilities unlimited

Xwire allows 10 or more controllers and/or peripherals to be interconnected

Our Xwire system bus allows multiple controllers and/or peripherals to be interconnected. It features simple, low cost wiring and easy programming. Xwire peripherals are "smart" peripheral boards, in that they have their own onboard processor and can therefore potentially provide very sophisticated functionality.

Xwire peripherals (most, if not all) will be supported by Active Templates™. These are programming tools, specific to each product, that make programming the peripheral extremely easy. Active Templates allow you to enter your specific needs into an on-screen wizard-like form, and will then automatically generate the SPLat code to do what you want.

More information: Xwire Active Templates

SPice boards

SPice boards sit piggy-back on top of a compatible controller. There can only be one SPice board at a time.

Fluid level & Temperature 2 channels of fluid level (conductivity) switching and 3 channels of thermistor temperature measurement.
Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121
$67 Qty 1
4 push buttons Adds 4 push buttons (like the ones on MMi200 and MS12x). This board attaches to the controller via a flying lead, so you can mount it behind a face plate. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10203
$29 Qty 1
Current transformer A 5A 50/60Hz current transformer lets you monitor motor currents etc. This board also has two potentiometers for arbitrary "analog" parameter settings. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10204
$78 Qty 1
Fluid level switching Six channels of fluid level (conductivity) switching. Imagine the uses in pump controls or applications with tanks or vats of liquid. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10205
$71 Qty 1
Analog I/O Add 2 analog inputs and up to 2 analog outputs. This is intended primarily as an analog I/O option for the MS12x, but can also be used to add more analog to the other controllers. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10211
$39 Qty 1
AC voltage measurement Measure 3 channels of 50/60Hz AC voltage. This board is intended mainly for 3-phase voltage monitoring in applications like genset control. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10212
$59 Qty 1
DC motor speed control Two channels of variable speed drive for small permanent magnet DC motors rated up to 3A at 24V. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10213
$83 Qty 1
Potentiometer interface Ideal where you need "analog" user controls or other potentiometer type inputs. Includes one potentiometer onboard and accommodates three more user supplied potentiometers offboard. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10214
$27 Qty 1
8 channel analog input Measure up to eight analog inputs using this multiplexer board. Available in 0-10V and 0-20mA versions. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10218
$38 Qty 1
Half Duplex 433/915MHz Radio Communications Wireless communications between SPLat Controllers or PC. Available in 433MHz or 915MHz versions. Compatibility: MMi203A, SL100, MS121 SPice10219
$86 Qty 1

Xwire peripherals

Xwire peripherals are mounted independently of the controller. They work on Xwire compatible controllers. Up to 10 Xwire compatible boards can be networked.

Thermocouple Dual type K thermocouple interface measures up to 1024°C.
Note: This is a new product that replaces the SPice10209 Compatibility: Xwire, Xwire over RS485
$119 Qty 1
Temperature and Humidity This SPLat Xwire can measure temperature and humidity and will support an optional plug-in non-contact temperature sensor. Compatibility: Xwire, Xwire over RS485 SX10502
$71 Qty 1
Fluid level switch + analog I/O 5 fluid level channels; 2 0-10VDC analogue outputs; 3 analogue inputs. Compatibility: Xwire, Xwire over RS485 SX10504
$83 Qty 1
Analog output 4 analog outputs, 0-10VDC. 2 are 10-bit, 2 are 8-bit. Compatibility: Xwire, Xwire over RS485 SX10505
$83 Qty 1
Pressure Sensor Dual port pressure sensor. Compatibility: Xwire, Xwire over RS485 SX10506
$94 Qty 1
Data Logger Gives data logging ability to your SPLat controller with the logs stored on a SD memory card. Compatibility: Xwire, Xwire over RS485 SX10508
$69 Qty 1
Internet interface Connects your SPLat controller to the Internet for remote monitoring and control. Compatibility: Xwire, Xwire over RS485 SX10509
$94 Qty 1