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SPice 10200 - water level and temperature

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Water detection animation

Featuring 2 channels of water level switching and 3 of thermistor temperature measurement, this low cost add-on is ideal for applications involving level control and temperature measurement. It was originally designed for a milk storage and chilling system with vat cleaning, but is equally suited to applications in washing equipment, brewing or liquid food processing.

The principle of the water level detection is that you have electrodes in the water. One electrode is a "common". Typically this will be at the bottom of the tank, or if the tank is metallic it might be the tank itself. You then have one electrode per level that you need to sense. Once the water bridges the gap between the common electrode and a "level" electrode, the board senses the electrical conduction and provides an "ON" input to the controller.

NOTE: The animation shows 3 levels. The SPice10200 has 2, while the SPice10205 has 6.

Thermistors provide very economical temperature measurement in the range -50°C to an upper limit of 350°C. We provide an extensive tutorial and tools to make it easy for you.

Compatibility: MMi202, SL100, MS120

Technical documentation SPice/Xwire peripheral board overview page


Fasteners and connectors included but not shown


Includes the board, matching connectors and fasteners for securing to the host controller.

Note: You must provide your own electrodes to suit the application. Typically a stainless steel bolt through the wall of a plastic tank, or insulated from the wall of a metallic tank, will work. Likewise you need to source a thermistor that suit your application. Thermistors are available from a number of vendors in temperature ranges up to 350°C and accuracies to 0.05°C

Free sample thermistor! When you buy your first SPice10200 we will give you a thermistor to let you start experimenting quickly. Just write "Please include free sample thermistor" in the "special instructions" part of the online order form.

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