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SX10509 - Internet Interface for M2M (remote machine monitoring and control)

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This product has been deprecated and is not available for new sales.

Connect your SPLat to the Internet

The SX10509 connects your SPLat controller to the Internet. With this peripheral, you will be able to monitor and operate your controller remotely. It is an Xwire peripheral, compatible with all current SPLat controllers and future SPLat NG controllers.

This board has been designed to make it as easy as possible to get an Internet enabled M2M application up and running. Specifically, it is notoriously difficult to get a device inside a building to be accessible from the outside. Firewalls and complicated configuration requirements make it all but impossible for anyone but an expert to achieve. Furthermore, some companies simply will not allow "holes" in their firewalls, irrespective of need. Our SPLat Call Home technology overcomes these problems. With SPLat Call Home you can transfer data between your SPLat controller and a server anywhere in the world. In the server some comparatively simple php code can process the data and serve up user friendly webpages.

A complete end-to-end application can be built with intermediate SPLat programming skills and the scripting skills of any competent web designer. We have an easy to follow Tutorial and fully worked SPLat program example to get you going quickly. Alternatively we can provide a complete programming service and hosted M2M (Machine to Machine) service.

Live Example

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This live graph has been made by a mix of SPLat products. The temperature and humidity readings have been taken by a SX10502 module. These readings have been collected by a MMi202 Controller that has sent them every 5 minutes via the SX10509 Internet Interface to the SPLat webserver.

Big LED display

In addition, the MMi202 Controller uses the Internet Time obtained by the SX10509 Internet Interface and displays everything on a BIG display.


Embedded Webserver

The SX10509 Internet Interface has a fully self contained embedded web server that is used for configuation and debugging. The configuation pages may be used to setup the Xwire addresses and remote server address. This makes it much easier to program a simple internet application in a SPLat controller.

A complete copy of the embedded webserver is available here. Please note, this is not an actual controller, but it is an accurate representation. This will demonstrate all the configuration options that are available.

Technical documentation Tutorial SPice/Xwire peripheral board overview page