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SPice 10219 - Half Duplex 433/915MHz Radio Communications

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SP10219 board

The SP-10219 allows for half duplex communications at 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit, between a SPLat Controller and a PC or another SPLat Controller over a 433/915MHz radio link. The module is suitable for SPLatLink, MODBUS and arbitrary string communications only, where the controller is polled for data and then replies. It is not suitable for replacing the communications cable when connecting to a board to view I/O status or down loading programs, as this type of connection relies on full duplex communications.

Download SP-10219 Quick Start Guide V1-1

Compatibility: MMi202, SL100, MS120, CC18

SPice/Xwire peripheral board overview page

433/915MHz radio link at 9600baud. Includes connectors and fasteners.
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