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SX10502 - Temperature and Humidity Measurement

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This SPLat Xwire peripheral lets you quickly and easily build non-contact temperature sensing into your product.

Technical documentation

SX10502 Temperature and Humidity
This version does not have the temperature/humidity sensor fitted. It is used for interfacing a TN9301 non-contact temperature sensor to a SPLat controller.
  • 1 - 4AUD71exGSTUSD≈54
  • 5 - 9AUD71exGSTUSD≈54
  • 10 - 24AUD70exGSTUSD≈53

Shipping weight:
32g / 1.1oz

SX10502RH Temperature and Humidity
This version is fitted with the Sensirion SHT71 temperature/humidity sensor device. It can also be fitted with the optional TN9301 non-contact temperature sensor.
  • 1 - 4AUD110exGSTUSD≈84
  • 5 - 9AUD109exGSTUSD≈84
  • 10 - 24AUD109exGSTUSD≈83

Shipping weight:
32g / 1.1oz

TN9 301 non-contact temperature sensor
TN9301 non-contact Tn9 temperature sensor, pre-wired to plug directly into the SX10501 and SX10502 boards. Cable length = 250mm.
  • 1 - 4AUD73exGSTUSD≈55
  • 5 - 9AUD73exGSTUSD≈55
  • 10 - 24AUD72exGSTUSD≈54

Shipping weight:
32g / 1.1oz