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SPLat controls has a proud history of supplying innovative electronics solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers since 1981. Over that time we have developed a particular skill at working with non-electronics companies to integrate electronic "smarts" into their products. We see our task as contributing to our customers' success by supplying cost effective controller solutions that make innovative use of appropriate technology. We tend not to blindly use the "latest and greatest" because our customers need controls that work and are workable, that do what they are meant to do with minimum technological risk and short development lead times.


David Stonier-Gibson, founder of one of our pre-cursor companies, was one of the early pioneers of the use of embedded microprocessors in industrial instruments and controllers. His patented nucleonic ore flow gauge, developed in the early 70's, was perhaps the very first microprocessor based industrial instrument to produce accurate results by performing continuous real-time statistical analysis on (very) imperfect raw data.

Co-founder Keith Rea (pronounced "Ray") started his electronics career at age 10, fixing neighbors' TVs and building various infernal machines. This evolved into a talent for embedded microprocessor applications. Keith was amongst other things the Australian Field Application Engineer for PIC processors in the early 80's, and has several masked processor designs to his credit.

David and Keith both hold engineering degrees from Australian Universtities.

During the mid to late 80's a parnership evolved between David, Keith and Keith's wife Carla. At that stage we were working from our respective homes, achieving things normally associated with much larger companies, including:

The partnership coalesced and the current company was founded in 1991, named at that stage Microconsultants (Aust) Pty Ltd. It became more and more clear during the 90's that we had a particular talent for assisting non-electronics companies harness the power of electronic "smarts" to enhance their products. This is not only a matter of technology savvy but also of being able to communicate with non-specialists. We are not your typical geeks!

The SPLat product

In 1995 we conceived the SPLat concept as a way of circumventing the delays and costs associated with full-custom controller designs. At first it was intended only as an off-the shelf product range. We have since realised that our background in custom designs is invaluable, as is our ability to communicate with non-experts. Hence the SPLat concept has evolved into a range of off the shelf standard product backed up by a capacity and willingness to do custom SPLat designs where appropriate. We have also developed concepts like SPice, that allow semi-cusomization of designs a very low cost and essentially zero technical risk.

The SPLat concept has been a great success. SPLat has enabled untold small companies like HydroCo and ANKOM Technology to develop highly competitive new products, because we make electronics accessible. At the same time, major players like Carrier are using SPLat controllers in their products because we deliver significant cost savings. Finally, we are delighted to be working with forward looking companies like Coolerado who are making products that will help reverse damage to the planet through energy efficient products. More case studies.

SPLat Controls is now Australia's leading maker of programmable controller products.