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Product disclaimer

Notice to all SPLat users

SPLat controllers and accessories are not warranted as being suitable for any particular purpose. Applications examples and assistance notwithstanding, SPLat is a programmable controller component which you must yourself program and otherwise adapt to your intended purpose, and it remains entirely your responsibility to ensure that it will perform as intended in your application. The use of SPLat products in any life support application or any application where failure may result in death, injury or environmental damage is expressly prohibited. Emergency shutdown devices must always be wired independently of the control system, and must not rely on the SPLat controller for safe functioning. Our liability in the event of any failure of any SPLat product shall be limited to replacing any defective goods supplied by us.

This document and the applications information, examples (including program examples), training courses, tutorials, guides articles and white papers it contains plus all associated supporting materials such as spreadsheets, audio visual presentations and computer programs do not constitute professional advice and you should seek independent professional advice before implementing any system based upon it.

This publication and all specifications herein are subject to change without notice. You are advised to check the online version frequently and especially just prior to making a design decision, to ensure you are working with up to date information.

All product sold is subject to our terms of sale