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What is a SPLat?

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Suzi custom spa controller

For example, this is a custom controller for a spa bath.

SPLat's core business is making electronic controllers for "stuff". In our case "stuff" covers a lot of ground, for example:

Our controllers are inexpensive and are ready to run. Connect them directly to valves, lights, relays, switches without any additional hardware.

Fancy things like:

are just an add-on board away.


If you're making a one off machine, use our standard controller. They're robust, come in many shapes and sizes, are in stock and ready to ship from our Australian or American stores.


If you are making 10's, 100's or 1000's of machines, we make it easy to kick off your project cheaply. Simply:

  1. Start with a SPLat standard controller.
  2. Get it working. (We can write the software for you if you prefer)
  3. Sell a few machines.
  4. Now with money in the bank, get a SPLat custom controller made.
  5. Put the same software in the custom controller.
  6. Now sell more machines with increased profit. Woo Hoo!


Free compiler! Yep Free - no limits, no licensing restrictions, no strings attached. Simple and powerful multi-tasking controls focussed language that is easily ported between standard and custom controllers.

We have a stack of tutorials and in-depth explanations. So whether you're a seasoned programmer or a beginner, you'll have no problem writing your program. If you get stuck, we're here to help.

For example (click an instruction for help):

;Name our inputs and outputs
;(makes it easy to change controllers)
   iButton  iequ  5     ;our button is on input number 5
   oLED     oequ  8     ;our LED is on output number 8

;The program
   WaitOnK  iButton     ;wait for the button to be pressed
   On       oLED        ;turn on the LED
   Pause    50          ;leave the LED on for half a second
   Off      oLED        ;turn off the LED
   Goto     Loop        ;repeat

If time is precious and you need to focus on your business rather than your code, then we can write the program for you. When we've finished, the code is yours forever. You can modify it, adapt it for different applications, anything - as always there are no license restrictions.

What's Next?

Couldn't be easier. Choose a controller, download the compiler and make your machine run. If you need help, please contact us.