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A "standard" SPLat controller will get you up and running with your new product quickly, and you can be confident you are using professional quality, industrial strength electronics. Standard SPLat products are being used by hundreds of OEMs in products as diverse as analytical instruments, cattle hoof sprays, and environmental test chambers. See Embedded Controller Case Studies for a tiny sampling.

If and when your product moves into volume production, say 100+ per year, we can build you a custom board with the exact mix of features you need, with a layout to suit your product, and connectors to optimise your manufacturing costs. It's not expensive ... see Custom Costs Less. Sometimes it can even save more than its own cost.

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Our controllers (CPU boards, PLC cards) are easy to program, contain ready-to-use real world interface circuits, and conservatively designed for excellent reliability. They are loaded with innovative features like inherent multi-tasking and integrated operator interfaces. And with every one of our controllers you get 32 processes for the price of one!

Most real-world products require more than plain vanilla inputs and outputs, and often also need more digital I/O than contained in the base controller unit. SPLat has the broadest range of digital I/O expansion modules and special function add-ons in the industry. We have digital expansion modules with relays up to 20A, and special function modules for pH measurement, water level sensing, Internet interface, Bluetooth adaptors, and much, much more.

If you don't see it here, just ask. We are quite easily persuaded to make something to suit your unique needs.

I/O adapters convert inputs and outputs from one electrical specification to another. Not for new designs.

Accessories aid development and deployment

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