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SPLat/PC Integrated Development Environment

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SPLat is a system of industrial strength, professional quality embedded controllers designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers. SPLat has been an major enabler for many companies worldwide, thanks to cost effective designs, excellent support and the ability to transition painlessly from off the shelf products for early-stage work to a custom SPLat for volume production.

SPLat PC Windows

SPLat/PC is a free integrated development environment for our proprietary SPLat programming language. It provides all the tools you need to program SPLat: An editor with syntax highlighting, a complete simulator and a download manager to transfer programs to the SPLat controller.

The editor is where you type in your program. Our FastTrack instruction set lets you get started making useful programs after learning just 14 instructions. Our programming language is the easiest controls language in the world to learn. SPLat/PC also contains interactive Mini Tutorials to get you started even faster than before!

The simulator lets you test your program without running it in an actual controller. It includes simulation of external inputs and outputs, and lets you give your program a thorough workout under safe, controlled conditions.

System requirements

SPLat/PC works on all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10. Requires a serial (COM) port (you may require a USB to serial adaptor). See our accessories page.

Download SPLat/PC 32-bit V12.343

The latest version should be compatible with your existing SPLat application. If you encounter problems, please contact us and download an older version.


  1. Click the link above, download and save the file where you can find it. You will get an exe file with a name similar to "splat32_setup-11-bbb.exe". bbb is the build number, unique to every release.
  2. Double-click the file
  3. Follow the prompts. The program will install in default folder C:\Program Files\SPLat\SPLat32. (Earlier 32-bit releases installed in C:\Program Files\SPLat32)
  4. In 64-bit operating systems some users have reported that the program may only run if, the first time you run it, you right-click the icon and run it as administrator.
    Our testing does not show this problem. Please let us know if you encounter this problem.
  5. Others have reported the following way to make it run in Vista 64:
    • Right click the short cut icon
    • Select Properties
    • In properties, select the Compatibility tab
    • Select XP

Revision History

The revision history for SPLat/PC is available here.