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iEQU Directive

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iEQU Directive

The iEQU directive is a special variant of the EQU directive intended for defining input numbers.


FullSwitch   iEQU    5

The difference between iEQU and EQU is that SPLat/PC will use information gathered from iEQU directives to add label information to the I/O window. As you move the mouse across the inputs the corresponding labels will appear in the title bar of the window, providing SPLat/PC has scanned the program line (as will be the case during simulation or single stepping).

By using this directive your program becomes easier to read. It also allows you to re-assign I/O points easily.

Note: Future programming software will have likely have stronger "typing". That means the software will raise an error if a label defined with the iEQU directive is used in other than an I/O instruction.