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The SPLat embedded PLC controller chip is the same chip as we use in our own board level products. With this chip you can build your own custom controller boards and leverage our easy to use programming language, programming software, and support tools. Buying the bare chip is an ideal solution if you wish to design your own custom controller hardware but without the hassle and expense of having to program "bare metal" in assembler or C.

Please note that the bare chip is suitable only for those who have the engineering skills to design and manufacture electronic hardware. We also offer complete custom controller solutions, including hardware design, application programming, and volume manufacture, based on SPLat technology.

Your controller design, based on our chip, can be teamed up with our whole range of Xwire peripherals. These include functions such as Internet connectivity, pH and ORP measurement, fluid level detection, data logging, and non-contact temperature measurement.

SPLat Microcontroller

The SPLat chip is a regular Freescale 9S08AW60CFUE processor in a lead-free QFP64 package. It has no markings other than the original Freescale markings. It is pre-programmed with our proprietary firmware. The price you pay for this chip includes a license to use one copy of our firmware. Within certain constraints you can reFlash the chip with SPLat firmware for other controller models.


The SPLat chip comes pre-loaded with slightly modified CC18 firmware. The "slight modification" consists of one added pin that can can control the direction of an RS485 transceiver chip, so you can very easily build boards that will operate Xwire over long distances via RS485.

The chip provides 16 DI, 16 DO (in the CC18 board they are connected together to give 16BIO), 2 analog in, programming UART, Xwire UART with RS485 direction control pin, and drive for a bicolour status LED. CC18 schematic

Please contact us for more technical information.

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