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SPLogger: SPLat Data Logging Utility

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SPLogger: SPLat Data Logging Utility

SPLogger is a Visual Basic 6 program that allows you to collect data from a running SPLat program and save it to disk as a comma delimited file (*.csv) for later analysis in Excel or other spreadsheet program. You can use SPLogger for intensive and/or long term monitoring of a SPLat controller during development. You can also use it, with a SPLat controller as a "front end", for ad hoc data logging. It can be particularly useful where things are happening on a scale of hours or days, and you don't want to sit watching it with pen and paper in hand. It can also capture events that are happening too fast to capture and record manually (the limit is about 4 changes per second).

SPLogger is provided free on SPLat resource disks (from September 2003). It is also available on our website. The VB6 source files are included as an example of using SPLatLink.

The latest version in V1.3, released June 23 2005. It has a capacity for more memory locations and displays how many records have been logged. The changes are minor and self-evident, so this documentation has not been updated. Floating point only works for addresses <124.