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Tutorial: PID control with SPLat

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Tutorial: PID control with SPLat

Welcome to our tutorial on practical PID control using SPLat.

What you will get out of it

The purpose of this material is to help you implement a PID control function within your SPLat controller as simply as possible. I will keep it result-oriented, so the approach will be pragmatic and as non-mathematical as I can make it. Do keep in mind though, that this is a complex subject that people make whole careers out of, and for which there is no clear-cut, definitive set of solutions. At the end of the day it comes down to developing something of a gut feel and maybe even getting a bit lucky!

On the face of it, it may look as if there is an excessive amount of material to plow through here "just" to be able to control something with PID. Trust me on this: It is very easy to get lost in the PID wilderness. Unless you have a lot of prior experience with PID you could save literally days, maybe weeks, by using this systematic, structured PID roadmap and the tools that come with it.

What you will need

To use this material fully you will need:

Skills prerequisites

As a rough guide this material will work best for you if you have the following skills:


My sincerest thanks to my friend Bruce Varley for his constructive inputs to this tutorial. Bruce has been a senior plant engineer in process plants world wide, and has probably forgotten more about PID control than I will ever know. Thanks, mate!

Please note that this material is educational in nature and is not intended as professional advice. It is up to you to apply this material intelligently, to do very extensive testing on any system you create and to seek competent advice where appropriate. You are responsible for the outcomes.