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SX10509 - Sandbox Tool

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Everyone likes playing in a sandbox, especially if has tools in it. With this idea in mind, this page may help you get started with the SX10509 Internet Interface by capturing data sent from your application. Setup your SX10509 board as follows:

Server Configuration

This page performs three different functions depending upon what data you send from the SX10509 module:

  1. No Data the SX10509 will receive status code 200 and the text message with the current time, eg 17:23:01 GMT.
  2. a=8&b=-13 the SX10509 will receive the result of adding the values of a and b, eg -5.
  3. config the SX10509 will receive the values submitted in the simulated application form below.

Click this button to force the next response returned to the SX10509 board to be a '299' error result value:

The area below shows the data that has most recently been sent by a SCH module:

Simulated Application

These fields allow you to simulate sending new configuration values to your SPLat application. The SX10509 will receive these values the next time it contacts the server with it's data set to the word "config".

Name String

These values will be returned as name=value pairs each separated by a carriage return (number 13). In addition, these fields will automatically update if anyone else changes them, so you can always know what values will be returned to the SX10509.