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This is the PLC-alternative that is redefining how Original Equipment Manufacturers think about programmable machine control. The SPLat MS121 is a full-strength 12 I/O expandable electronic control with integral operator interface. It gives you 32 processes for the price of one, full floating point arithmetic, high speed counting and access to the broadest range of add-on functionality on the planet.

The MS121 is not just a microcontroller board or single board computer with a display. It has Real World outputs for driving solenoid valves, stepper motors or other DC loads. It has industrialised inputs for standard NPN or PNP sensors. The display and 5 push buttons can be programmed to do practically anything you need, including menus and variable data entry and display. Available expansion options include up to 64 digital I/O points with high power handling, analog, pH and non-contact temperature measurement. The built in multitasking operating system can handle 32 tasks at once, in addition to background processing of ModBus, quadrature counting, and networking with other SPLat controllers.

In short, while priced like a programmable relay, the MS121 is a serious programmable controller platform that can give your product a real competitive edge.

More MS121 programmable logic controller specifications ...

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MS121 Controller

Front view showing display, push buttons and programmable LEDs.

This is the MS121 with display for OEM use. The most economical way ever of buying an expandable off-the-shelf controller with a complete LCD-based operator interface. This is the OEM version, board plus matching connectors. You will also need a programming cable (see below), which is the same cable as used with the MS121.
  • 1 - 4AUD99exGSTUSD≈75
  • 5 - 9AUD97exGSTUSD≈74
  • 10 - 24AUD95exGSTUSD≈72

Shipping weight:
119g / 4.2oz


This is the MS121 Developer's Bundle. It contains the MS121OEM216 controller board with backlit 2 line x 16 character liquid crystal display, a PCUSB programming cable and all matching connectors, plus free email-based technical support. The SPLat/PC IDE is free to download from here.

Buying as a bundle saves you a bundle.

  • 1+AUD124exGSTUSD≈94

Shipping weight:
210g / 7.4oz

MS121 Faceplate
Pre-punched aluminum faceplate for MS120, LCD type, with fasteners. 147x108.25mm
  • 1 - 4AUD25exGSTUSD≈19
  • 5 - 9AUD25exGSTUSD≈19
  • 10 - 24AUD24exGSTUSD≈18

Shipping weight:
85g / 3oz

MS121 Overlay
MS120 overlay, with 2x16 LCD window.
  • 1 - 4AUD20exGSTUSD≈15
  • 5 - 9AUD20exGSTUSD≈15
  • 10 - 24AUD19exGSTUSD≈14

Shipping weight:
10g / 0.4oz

MS121 Terminal Block
Ideal for small-volume and one-off applications where you are not having a wiring loom pre-made for your product. Converts the plug-in I/O and power connections to screw terminals. Suitable only for the MS121B, not for MS12 or MS121 non-B. Documentation
  • 1 - 4AUD19exGSTUSD≈14
  • 5 - 9AUD19exGSTUSD≈14
  • 10 - 24AUD18exGSTUSD≈14

Shipping weight:
75g / 2.6oz

MS121 RS485 Adaptor
The MS485 is an RS485 adaptor designed specifically for the MS121's communication (programming) port. This port is not RS232, but CMOS/TTL levels. The MS485 converts it to 2-wire (half duplex) RS485. A special feature of the MS485 is that it provides automatic switching between transmit and received modes, by sensing when the MS121 starts transmitting. With this you can have up to 32 separate devices exchanging ModBus data at 9600BPS.
  • 1 - 4AUD35exGSTUSD≈27
  • 5 - 9AUD34exGSTUSD≈26
  • 10 - 24AUD32exGSTUSD≈25

Shipping weight:
75g / 2.6oz

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