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Tutorial: SimpleHMI programming of SPLat controllers

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Tutorial: SimpleHMI programming of SPLat controllers

Date originally written: January 2012, before the advent of the HMI430 controller with integral touch screen. This tutorial is written around an HMI device (Android or PC) external to the SPLat controller. It is still a good starting point for understanding the HMI430.

SPLat controllers can support a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) software client called SimpleHMI. SimpleHMI is available on the following devices:

"Big picture" features of SimpleHMI:

SimpleHMI can reduce the effort required to program an operator interface with multiple configuration settings by as much as 90% compared to the simple character LCD and buttons approach.

Outcomes (what you will get out of this tutorial)

Prerequisites (what you need before you start)

Note: It is possible to fully develop an application using the SimpleHMI built into SPLat/PC, connected via the regular programming cable. A Bluetooth adaptor is needed for connecting to an Android device, and is available on our website. It is easiest to do most of your work using SPLat/PC, then fine tune against the Android device. If you are using a SPLat EC1 you can use a 3rd party JY-MCU Bluetooth adaptor, but make sure the SPLat program uses 9600 baud (many of the examples are coded for 38400 baud).

How long will it take?

The tutorial shouldn't take very long to complete, maybe an hour or two to get the essentials (providing you have the prerequisites in place). After all, we do call it SimpleHMI!

So let's get started!


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