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SPLat/PC programming software

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SPLat/PC programming software

SPLat/PC is the Windows program you use to write your SPLat program. It contains all the tools you need to write and debug SPLat programs. It has:

SPLat/PC contains extensive documentation in its help file (totally separate from this SPLat Knowledge Base where you are now), including tutorials. You therefore have the information you need at your fingertips whenever you are using SPLat/PC. The SPLat/PC help file also contains the descriptions of the fundamental workings of SPLat, such as the registers, RAM, timers etc. That information lives in the older help file. Recently introduced and advanced topics (which tend to be the same things) will be covered here.

In May 2005 we introduced Mini Tutorials to SPLat/PC. These are short (5-10 minutes), mainly interactive tutorials that cover some aspect of SPLat usage. They are designed to provide you a quick introduction to various topics. You will find them in the SPLat/PC Help menu (SPLat/PC versions 7.15.0 or later). You can download the latest SPLat/PC here.