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SPice10211 - Analog I/O

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SPice10211 - Analog I/O


(Illustrated mounted on MS12 controller)

The SPice10211 adds analog input and output capacity to a compatible SPLat controller. It was design primarily as a companion to the MS12/MS120, which lacks onboard analog, but is also useful for adding to the analog capabilities of other SPLat controllers. The board features:

The temperature measurement uses user-supplied thermistors to perform temperature measurement at very low cost. It is suitable for applications where modest accuracy and resolution are required. Typically achievable accuracy and resolution figures are 0.2C to 0.5C with calibration. Without calibration accuracy is typically 2-4C. The system is mainly suitable for temperatures from -30C to +300C, though thermistors are available that will work up to 700C

The SPice10211 is a Touch of SPice board. This is the name applied to one of the several expansion systems supported within the SPLat Expansion Framework. The board may be used with MMi99/200/201/202, MS12/MS120 and SL99/SL100 controllers. It does not follow that future controllers will also support it ... the Touch of SPice system is a very low cost expansion scheme that does not guarantee compatibility across the whole family of SPLat controller products.