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This guide describes and covers the use and programming of the SPLat expansion system introduced with 2nd generation SPLat products in 2001, starting with the MMi99 product. In general this material is not product specific, i.e. it covers the general principles of the expansion system, but not much that is specific to individual products.

Target audience

This guide is aimed at SPLat users who are interested in understanding the general principles of the SPLat expansion framework, and in learning how to use it. The material is fairly technical in nature, so you need to understand bits and bytes, hexadecimal notation, command structures and register models. You also need to understand the concepts of registers within processors, preferably SPLat's internal registers, plus the general ideas behind command driven devices.

Don't be concerned if you find this material too difficult. It is extremely unlikely that you will need it at all. At most, if you are about to use, or contemplating a SPLat add-on, it may pay to familiarise yourself with the summary chart.