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SL100: Introduction

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SL100: Introduction

This document covers the SL100 and its predecessors the SL88 and the SL99. All the information has been re-worded to match the SL100. The various models come about basically as a result the availability of more capable versions of the microcontroller chips we use. In most cases everything gets significantly better, though occasionally there may be a minor compromise on a feature. In the case of the SL100 it has less endurance in the Shadow Memory.

The following table highlights the major differences between the products. What is not listed is very many features that are implemented in successive dialects.

Item SL100 SL99 SL88
Introduced 2007 2002 1997
Analog 1 in, 1 out, 10-bit 1 in, 1 out, 8-bit No
Relative speed (approx only) 20x 7.5x 1x


Yes Yes No
Program memory 25K 9K 4K


250B 250B 64B
Expandable Yes Yes No

SPice expansion

Yes Yes No

Shadow memory

Yes Yes No
Shadow memory endurance

10,000 writes total (Less than SL99!)

10,000 writes on any byte N/A


Yes Yes No
NVEM0 block size 512 128 N/A
Active RTS signal Yes No No
Connections Plug in Plug in Screw terminal
Power consumption