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How SPLat works: Programming

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How SPLat works: Programming

SPLat is programmed in its own proprietary language. This is a language we created specifically for controller programming. It is a procedural language, in the sense that you specify the individual steps to be taken. For example, to read a named input, read a second named input, AND the two together, send the result to an output, you might use the following code:

         Input    DarkOutside
         Input    WantToRead
         Output   LightsOn

What makes the SPLat language really outstanding is that it contains many features and instructions that aim squarely at controls programming. An operation that in C or assembler may need five or ten instructions, may only need one or two with SPLat. What this means for you is that SPLat is much easier to program (and to learn and understand) for control applications than general purpose languages.

Special 'bonuses' are our FastTrack programming, which makes simple programs very easy, and MultiTrack, which makes it easy to program several things to happen at once.

From June 2009 you can chose to program most SPLat controllers in C. This choice is suggested only for experienced C programmers.