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Program SPLat in C with our free RTOS

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Some SPLat controllers offer you the option of programming in C, with our free multitasking RTOS, as an alternative to our own proprietary multitasking SPLat language.

C programming is offered specifically for experienced C programmers who want to stick with that language.

Language comparison About multitasking

If you do choose C, we offer a number of things to make it easier for you:

To begin development with C on SPLat Controllers you will need:

  1. A C-compatible SPLat Controller
  2. SPLatOS multitasking RTOS (free)
  3. A Freescale CodeWarrior C compiler for HCS08 family
  4. A USB BDM tool. We suggest the one from P&E Micro

Full details of the above are provided in the help file that comes with our SPLatOS package.

Download SPLatOS