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Input ii*+

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Input ii*+

(T=Z; Z=Y; Y=X;) X = (<input ii> active) ? TRUE : FALSE

Pushes the state of the nominated input number ii to X in Boolean form. If the input has a closed contact X becomes True, otherwise X becomes False.

This instruction uses debounced inputs. Debounce adds a delay of 8 to 20mS to the input response, in order to reject contact bounce (chattering) in mechanical input switches. If you need a faster response you can use the InputF (fast input) instruction, but you will get no protection from contact bounce.

* This instruction can also use the Index Register by adding i in front of the instruction.

+ From dialect 16 the address argument will be jndexed when executed inside a MultiTrack task and will be indexed if the instruction is preceded by the IasJ: precode.

Dialect restriction: This instruction is not implemented on boards prior to dialect D=6

See also Output, InputF InputK InputO InputFM