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SL100 product documentation

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SL100 product documentation


Entry level pricing, up scale performance!

Congratulations on your choice of a SPLat controller. SPLat gives you the ability to implement a sophisticated control system in your product easily and inexpensively, and will give you an edge that will have your competitors wondering whatever hit them!

The SPLat controller gives you a feature set rivalling competing products costing many times as much.

Have your first working program in less than an hour!

SPLat controllers are extremely easy to get started with. Our programming software is free, and includes a full simulator that allows you to test your program and explore possibilities without any hardware present. Our programming language has been skillfully crafted to make the simple tasks absurdly easy to program, and yet there is a rich repertoire of advanced instructions to satisfy the sophisticated user. Our training materials are legendary (and free). The controller contains real world input/output circuits, so you won't have to design your own.

How do we do it?

You may be sceptical about how we can deliver so much performance at such a budget price. When we design a controller we aim for the best possible value for money. We design and re-design our circuitry to eliminate unnecessary or expensive components. As far as possible we select multi-vendor components so we can shop around. Maybe most importantly, we are engineers designing for end users, not engineers designing for engineers. We don't allow ourselves to be carried away by megahertz and gigabytes. We understand that what is really important to an OEM operating in the real world is getting the necessary performance at a price that will give a competitive advantage.

One thing we are obsessive about is build quality. We hate returns, and get very few of them (way less than 1%). Every board we make is built with strict process controls. Every board is visually inspected. Every board is 100% functionally tested. And every board is backed by our 2-year standard product guarantee and Post-Nuke repair policy.

The SL100 supersedes the SL99. It has all the same features but higher specifications (faster, more program memory).