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SPLat's newsletter Control Matters is published at irregular intervals. It is designed to be a light but interesting 3-minute read, with a bias towards electronic controls but no heavy product propaganda. We want you to enjoy it. You can read past issues in the archive below.

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Date (yymmdd)
A tale of a maid - and a prize
Hot tip: Coils ain't coils!
The new dishwasher
How old is the LED?
Under the Hood
Vacuum Tube Supercomputer
Size does matter
SPLat and Connectivity
Intel's birthday gift to Stephen Hawking
Use your smartphone as an HMI
How to make your own transistors
The (very expensive) case of the lost SPLatWare
Featured product: SX10504 - fluid levels and analog I/O
Has your car been hacked yet?
Announcing a new controller product - HD8
It's cheap, but is it safe?
State of the computing art (1953)
TABULA: A new programming tool, a new design approach
Race horse trainer bets on SPLat
New firmware - Dialect 23
Don´t overlook our File Resources!
Affordable, easy to program colour touch screens
C and Unix were just a big prank!
RS232 (RS485) is not a protocol!
All together now: One - Two - Pee!
Failing to design is designing for failure
Making reading easier for some
Please help me out here ... and win a prize as well!
Brainwave control of wheelchairs
Vale Internet Explorer 6
SPLat/PC V10.21.3
When not to trust the electronics
How do transistors really work?
The need for speed
Help stamp out bad code!
Beware power factor (and other energy saving) scams!
Do you use Finite State Machines?
Meccano Magic
32-bit SPLat/PC released
Custom SPice? Just ask!
The First Blinking LED
The power of minus
Success in 3:33
Spaghetti or Lasagne?
Defensive Publication - a budget alternative to patents?
Geek logic (animated cartoon)
What is multitasking?
Swine flu: Eight myths that could endanger your life
$69 PLC
Driving relays and solenoids safely
The world's oldest hotel - nearly 1300 years old
Temperature/distance sensing
When not to trust the electronics
Uncle Sam funds Australian battery technology
SPLat/PC 32-bit beta release
Get grounded! (Tips on grounding)
Make your own UAV
Program SPLat in C
The 3 laws of robotics: Nearing reality?
Waterless (nearly) washing machine
Traffic control
Calculating Apollo trajectories