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27 August 2010
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New firmware - Dialect 23

We have just released a new firmware version for all our Rapid Prototyping controllers - CC18, MS120, SL100 and MMi202. This upgrades them to dialect 23 (dialect 22 got missing in action, so we jumped from 21 to 23).

Dialect 23 introduces significant enhancements in a number of areas:

* Serial communications, where you can program exactly what gets sent and how received data is processed. We call this User Programmable Protocol, as distinct from ModBus Master, ModBus Slave or SPLatLink..

* Basic 8-bit binary arithmetic (ADD, ADC, SUB, SBC)

* Additional floating point compare-and-goto instructions

* "Print" to RAM. This prepares the ground for sending ASCII (or binary) commands to Xwire peripherals. (Hint: Stand by for an upcoming data logger board!)

As always, firmware upgrades are free. You can download the upgrades (*.rfl files) here, (just select the directory for your board and download the highest revison number) and learn how to reFlash your boards here.

Don't overlook our File Resources!

Are you aware of the File Resources area of our website? That is where you will find schematics, face plate dimensions and plenty of other useful stuff. From the home page menu you will find it at

Support > Downloads > Dimensions, schematics, firmware etc.


Have you seen our easy to digest Finite State Machine tutorial?

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