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29 Jul 2009
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You can now program SPLat controllers in C. To allow Freescale's CodeWarrier C compiler to be used easily on MMi202, MS120 and SL100 controllers, we have built a free operating system, SPLatOS, that hugely simplifies multitasking and I/O access. More information here.  

David Stonier-Gibson

In control - Stuff about or related to control systems

The 3 laws of robotics: Nearing reality?

I doubt if many people in technical fields today have not heard of Asimov's 3 laws of robotics. But Asimov was a science fiction writer, and it seems unlike that the laws built into one of his imagined positronic brains could actually be implemented in a real-world robot.

Or could they?

Three Taiwanese researchers made a study into the question of making robots safe to have around people. This is perhaps a more immediate issue in Asia than in the West, as countries like Japan are embracing robot technology for all kinds of domestic applications such as aged care. Some of the study's thoughts and ideas make interesting reading. You can find and easy-read synopsis of the study paper here, including its conclusions about the 3 laws.

Out of control - Nothing much to do with controls, (but interesting)

Waterless (nearly) washing machine

Can Nylon replace water? Well, "Scotch and Nylon" doesn't quite do it for me, but apparently Nylon beads can replace water in a less demanding application, namely washing clothes (leaving all the more water for distillers and mixers!). A team in the UK is developing a clothes washer where millions of tiny Nylon beads replace 90% of the water, reducing the use of detergent and electricity. As an added bonus drying time is much reduced, so the tumble dryer gets less use. The Xeros system is therefore great news for the environment and our pocket books. Check it out at the Xeros website

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A sobering thought: What if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?
Jane Wagner

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