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EQU Directive

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EQU Directive

The EQU directive assigns a numeric value to a label.


Label     EQU      Value

Label is any properly formed label. Value must be an integer numeric constant. Value must be in a number range that is legal for a subsequent instruction where Label is used as an argument.

Foo       EQU      35

SPLat/PC will use the numeric value 35 wherever the word "Foo" is used as an instruction argument, hence subsequent to the above instruction

          LoadX    Foo

is equivalent to

          LoadX    35

The advantage of using EQU directives is that a numeric value can be defined once at the start of a program and then be used several times throughout the program. If you subsequently need to change the value, you only need to change the EQU directive and all uses of the value will change automatically.

The full word EQUALS may also be used.

See also #EQU, fEQU, iEQU, oEQU, mEQU