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InputO ii*+

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InputO ii*+

(T=Z;Z=Y;Y=X) X = [output ii]

(Read back an output)

Pushes the state of the nominated output number ii to X in Boolean form. Note that the value returned is the value that has been most recently set on the output by an On, Off, Output or OutputM instruction, as opposed to being a readback of the voltage at the output pin. This is particularly significant on SPLat boards with bidirectional I/O points, such as the OEM36.

If an output is blinking (see Blink and OutputB) the InputO instruction will return a True result.

* This instruction can also use the Index Register by adding i in front of the instruction.

+ From dialect 16 the address argument will be jndexed when executed inside a MultiTrack task and will be indexed if the instruction is preceded by the IasJ: precode.

This instruction will not read back an output ON condition resulting from an fPulse0 instruction.

Dialect restriction: The InputO instruction is not implemented in boards with dialect numbers less than 3.

See also Output, Input