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MBIO16 16 point expansion board, 2A MOSFET outputs

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The MBIO16 adds 16 digital I/O points to your SPLat controller. It is easy to use, appearing simply as another 16 inputs and 16 outputs. You can use each point as one or the other. The ouputs are capable of sinking up to 2A at 24V, making it ideal for driving heavy duty solenoid valves and small motors. No explicit initialization is required.

As outputs the MBIO bidirectional I/O points use a solid state power MOSFET switch between the pin and ground (0V). The load (say a solenoid coil) has to be connected between the output pin and the positive supply voltage. The maximum allowable output current is up to 1.5A steady state, with brief (5S) peaks of 2A allowed. There are onboard catch diodes, so it is safe driving inductive, non-motor loads up to the rated current. For motors the locked rotor current must be within the output rating. See the documentation for more detail.

As inputs the MBIO bidirectional I/O points provide industry standard NPN compatibility. Tying the input pin to ground (0V) registers as an On (True/logic 1) state. Leaving it open circuit or driving it to the positive supply voltage registers and an Off (false/logic 0). See the documentation for more detail.

Technical documentation Compare with other I/O expansion boards

The "up to" figure is just that: A maximum rating, beyond which the board may be damaged.

Some of our competitors leave it at that. They pick the absolute maximum rating out of the data sheet for the component they are using, and quote that as what you can do with their product, with no additional qualifications.

We try to be better than that. Sure, we quote an "up to" headline figure, though even that is carefully tempered by consideration of the overall design of the board, and how you are likely to use it. But then we go the next step and give you some information on how far you can push the board without compromising long term reliability. That extra information is in the board's technical data.

If this leaves any unanswered question about using our boards in your product, feel free to ask us via our contacts page. Our support comes from the actual engineers who designed the product, not via a forum.

PLC expansion

Cable, connectors and miscellaneous small items not illustrated

Developers' kit, contains the expansion board with 16BIO (high current FET outputs), 600mm shielded cable, matching connectors and mounting standoffs.
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