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waveGUARD Corporation

Wildfire/bush fire protection

Controller type:Custom controller
Programming:Done by the customer
Relationship:Since 2006
SPLat advantage:Easy programming; Technology access; Customisable; Support;
Wildfires (bush fires in Australia) extract a huge human and economic toll both in Australia and certain regions of the US. This US customer used our Australian controller to do something to reduce the risk.

Michael Smith, CEO and owner of Control Tech USA, Inc. in Denver, Colorado, has many years of experience in fire suppression and reticulation systems. Living in Colerado, Michael understands how devastating wild fires can be for communities and individual home owners. So he started wondering about making an automatic fire suppression system. The system had to have a water reservoir, a supply of fire retardant, pumps, valves, and a secure power supply. But above all, it had to have an intelligent controller to optimise the use of those resources. Existing exterior fire suppression systems at the time were basically just indoor sprinkler systems adapted to outdoor use — far from an optimum solution. Michael also wanted a fire sensor that could detect an approaching fire, so counter-measures could start before the fire arrived, something existing systems lacked.

Michael was already very aware of SPLat Controls. He had used SPLat boards in a number of projects, he understood the advantages of the SPLat product and appreciated the support he received from SPLat engineers.

So Michael joined forces with two other like-minded experts and formed waveGUARD Corporation to develop the ideal system.

The waveGUARD™ system works on the principle of wetting down the vulnerable areas of the building exterior before the fire arrives. This is accomplished by installing spray heads at specifically designed locations that will wet down the structure along with a 25'- 40' perimeter around the structure, and using a purpose designed flame detector. Micro-sized misting or spray heads are placed in strategic locations on the structure which could harbor an active ember. Such places could be under a deck, a shade structure, decorative features, attached gutters, etc... The intent is to completely wet down the area surrounding the structure as well as the structure itself.

This system is designed to operate completely automatically, under the assumption that the owner of structure will not be present when the system needs to operate. However, the system can be started manually should the need arise. The SPLat controller has allowed waveGUARD™ to include a large amount of internal self-checks, giving confidence that the system will operate when the need arises.

An optional SPLat SX10509 provides the system with Internet access, so a home owner can access the system remotely, and waveGUARD™ technicians can remotely monitor the continuing readiness of the system.

"I am extremely grateful to SPLat for their support and patience over the years it has taken to develop waveGUARD™." Michel Smith, waveGUARD Corporation

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