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Remote User Interface 2x16 LCD

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The UI2x16 is the baby brother of the UI4x20 and allows a user interface to be added to any current SPLat controller with an Xwire port. Using the standard set of LCD programming instructions, the SPLat controller can display text and numeric values on the UI2x16, regardless of whether the SPLat controller has an LCD itself or not. The integrated RS485 Xwire port will allow the UI2x16 user interface to be located hundreds of metres away from the controller or be used in electrically noisy environments. In addition, the SPLat controller can manipulate parts of the UI2x16 remote display, while other sections remain under UI2x16's local control.


The UI2x16 has the following features:

For menu type applications, the user can choose to edit and store the operating parameters in the UI or on the master controller.

Download the data from here.

Controller, 2x16 LCD, 5 buttons, 1 bi-colour LEDs, external rotary dial option, Xwire interface.
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  • 5 - 9AUD77exGSTUSD≈59
  • 10 - 24AUD75exGSTUSD≈57

Shipping weight:
73g / 2.6oz