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HMI430: Technical specification

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HMI430: Technical specification

All voltages are measured with respect to the 0V power supply pin.

3D CAD Files

Operating limits

The unit may be damaged if operated outside these limits

Absolute Maximums
Ambient temperature range  -10°C to 60°C
Supply voltage  +9 to +28VDC
RTC Supply voltage +2.1 to +3.6VDC
Voltage applied to any digital I/O pin  -0.3V to Vsupply
Output sink current, per digital I/O pin used as output  500mA
Output sink current, aggregate of all pins  2.4A
Voltage applied to analog input pins

0-10V mode  30V
0-3.3V mode 10V
0-20mA mode  25mA
Thermistor mode  30V
Analog output current  30mA
Real time clock battery voltage  3.6V

DC electrical characteristics

Vsupply = 24V, Ambient temperature = 25°C unless otherwise noted.


Supply current, Vsupply = 24V, display backlight at full intensity 100  mA
Supply current, Vsupply = 24V, display backlight off 60  mA
Supply current, Vsupply = 12V, display backlight at full intensity 200  mA
Supply current, Vsupply = 12V, display backlight off 120  mA
Analog input resolution 12 bits
Analog output resolution 10 bits
Analog input and output accuracy 2 %
Analog input resistance, 0-10V mode 149.2
Analog input resistance, 0-3.3V mode 1
Analog input burden resistance, 0-20mA mode 165 Ω
Analog output resistance 100 Ω
Digital output ON state resistance, output current = 500mA, temperature = full rated range 300
Digital input current, Vin = 0V, Vsupply=24V (approximately=Vsupply/10,000) 2.4 mA
Digital input low voltage (voltage must be less than this to guarantee an "on" input) 2 V
Digital input high voltage (voltage must be more than this to guarantee an "off" input) 4.6 V
Realtime clock accuracy, seconds per month 1  s/mo
Real time clock battery current, 3.0V battery 9 μA
Minimum real time clock battery voltage  2  V

 Display characteristics

Resolution 480x272 pixels
Colour depth 16 bits
Display brightness 300 nits
Contrast ratio 350 -
Dimming range 0 - 100 %
Backlight lifetime @ full brightness (drop to 50%) 20000 (min) hr
Flash storage for images and fonts 8 MB

 TTL Comm Ports

Maximum input voltage 5.0 Volts
Output Voltage 3.3 Volts
Maximum Data Rate 115.2 kBaud

RS485 Comm Port

Unit Load 1 -
Unit load equivalent number of devices per network 32 -
Maximum Data Rate 115.2 kBaud
Protection TVS diode breakdown voltage +6.8 Volts