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SX10500: Dual K-type thermocouple board

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SX10500: Dual K-type thermocouple board


This board replaces the SPice10209. It uses our more recent Xwire serial peripheral bus instead of the SPice/TSP. Xwire is a newer development made possible by the availability of more capable processor chips. It is more versatile and easier to program than TSP, and allows several add-ons rather than just one.

The SX10500 gives you a choice of using the Xwire cabling for short cable runs between boards, or RS485 for long runs. Xwire is suitable for "inside the same box" use (a few feet) and has virtually zero hardware cost. RS485 is suitable for tens or hundreds of feet (depending on a number of factors) but requires an RS485 adaptor on the controller (whereas the SX10500 has RS485 built in, our standard controllers do not).