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InputMK ii+

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InputMK ii+

Pushes the latched edge state of a selection of 8 input points ii through ii+7 to X in individual bits of X. A '1' signals an input has changed from off to on at any time since the last InputMK (or InputK) was executed on the particular input.

The X register is the mask of which of the 8 inputs should be read.  Only inputs whose corresponding bit in X is '1' will be read and have their edge latch cleared.  Any input whose X bit is '0' will not be read and will not have its edge latched cleared.

For example

   LoadX      %01000011
InputMK 2

This will read the latches for inputs 2, 3 and 8 and push the result into X.  Unread inputs will all be set to 0 in X.

See also InputK.