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SPice10213: DC motor control

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SPice10213: DC motor control


The SPice10213 provides the ability for a SPLat controller to drive and speed control one or two small 24VDC permanent magnet motors. It has two outputs. Both outputs have programmable PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) speed control. One output has a reversing relay, allowing bidirectional drive control.

The reversing relay, in conjunction with a dynamic braking resistor, allows dynamic braking on the reversible output. That means the motor can be stopped very quickly.

The PWM control signals are supplied from the host SPLat controller board via SPice pins that are set up as PWM outputs. This is the mode normally associated with analog outputs. The non-reversible output can alternatively be driven off a digital (on/off) output pin. The PWM frequency is 7.8kHz (this can be altered in some controllers with CPU device setting). The output duty cycle and can be set with 10-bit precision (1024 steps) (8-bit precision (256 steps) in older controllers).

Note: The product warranty on this board does not cover blown up output transistors.