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OutputM oo+

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OutputM oo+

<outputs oo..oo+7> AND X = Y AND X; X=Z; Y=T; Z=T

Updates up to 8 outputs (from output oo through output oo+7) at once according to the bits patterns in X and Y.

For example:

LoadX %00001101 ;we want 3=on 2=on 1=off 0=on
LoadX %00001111 ;only alter the first 4 outputs
OutputM 6 ;change the outputs, starting from output 6. So 9=on, 8=on, 7=off, 6=on (no other outputs affected)

OutputM pops the stack twice (removing both X and Y)

The address argument will be jndexed when executed inside a MultiTrack task and will be indexed if the instruction is preceded by the IasJ: precode.

Dialect restriction. OutputM is implemented only in dialects 6 or later.

See also InputFM