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Updates to 32-bit Firmware

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As of 14 April 2022, 32-bit controller firmware from SPLat Controls has some enhancements.

Battery-Backed NVEM RAM

First, everything that uses an STM32F4-based controller now incorporates a 4KB RAM space accessible as NVEM3. If there's a battery backup available, this memory becomes non-volatile.


Next, many of the 32-bit products are now getting a 64KB RAM space accessible as NVEM2. As firmware is updated, this will be rolled out to more of the 32-bit products.

Speaker Frequency Change

Touch-screen products now allow you to set the frequency of the speaker using an SPxCmd4 command 0 to address 20 with the frequency in U[0-3]. Code for this would look something like:
fLoadW 440
WtoU 0
SpxCmd4 0,20

Modbus NVEM Access

Modbus can now access NVEM areas directly.

See the Modbus Resource Mapping Knowledge Base page for more details

Even More Tasks

On 16 August 2021, the SPLat 32-bit firmware was extended from 64 tasks to 128. (Note that it was upgraded from 32 to 64 tasks on 13 June 2014.)

Process Count Limits

The 256 instruction count limit was required for code running on 8-bit processors. For 32-bit processors that run a lot faster, we extended that count to 1024 instructions as of 23 March 2020.