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Connecting a battery for the RTC

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The EC1 includes a true Real Time Clock and calendar function. This EasyStep will show you how to connect a battery to your EC1 "EasyOne" so the clock can keep the time when the board is not under power

What you will need

Alternatively you could use a single 3V button cell in a suitable holder. The AA batteries are readily available, cheap, and will last a very long time.


The picture below shows the wiring. The EC1 battery pins are the two pins at the corner closest to the push button. They are marked 0V and Vbat. Make sure you connect the red (positive) lead to Vbat.

CAUTION: Do not use a battery over 3.3V.


Once you have a program that can display the time, you should test the battery. Here's a plan: We estimate that the onboard capacitor can supply the RTC for up to 5 seconds, but during testing for this EasyStep the test unit went for about 30 seconds without losing the time.