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Currency conversion information

NOTICE: SPLat Controls has moved. We are now at 1/85 Brunel Rd, Seaford, 3198. map

Please be aware that we are an Australian company. All credit card transactions will be charged in Australian dollars - our credit card provider insists that be the case. You will therefore find some small discrepancy between the US dollar figures shown when you buy, and the amount that appears on your credit card statement. There may also be some small percentage added by the credit card company for currency conversion.

If you feel you have been over-charged send us a copy of your credit card statement and we will cheerfully refund any amount attributable to this cause.

You will also normally receive an invoice with your shipment. That invoice may be in AUSTRALIAN dollars, which fluctuate against the US dollar. To get a rough estimate as to the cost, please use an USD to AUD currency converter.